Investment to Turkey is required qualified advising on financial risk assessment, planning and management services such as new company formation, integration of international group structures, feasibility studies, tax avoidance, implementation of bilateral prevention of double taxation treaties, profit repatriation, transfer pricing, acquisition of cross border properties, international tax optimization, cross border VAT issues, auditing, accounting, taxation, tax valuation and certification, IFRS, social security and workplace safety, foreign employment and payroll management, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), due diligence, business valuation, economic and business advisory, customs advisory, customs valuation, foreign trade and exchange, transit, customs warehousing, inward processing, outward processing, processing under customs control, temporary importation, free zones, the other financial services and implementations. Due to increased globalisation, international taxation and transfer pricing have become more important especially for the last two decades.

International business taxation and transfer pricing is at the top agenda of taxation for not only multinational companies, but also governments. Governments need to ensure that the taxable profits of multinationals reflect the economic activities of multinationals, and the profits are not distributed in a disguised manner via transfer pricing. In the contrary of this, multinationals are often faced with risks of double taxation sourced from the determination of arm’s length remuneration for their cross-border transactions with related enterprises. Due to audit scrutiny and increased knowledge sharing and harmonisation studies among the national tax authorities; it is crucial to multinational companies, holding companies and group companies to implement accurate, consistent and fully defensible optimal transfer pricing/advance pricing policies and procedures along with an effective tax planning, valuation and risk management complied with not only transfer pricing rules but also other taxation rules.

As a “complex tax rate optimisation work” at the core, transfer pricing always exposures financial risks which may lead to rather costly domestic and/or cross-border disputes with national and/or world-wide tax authorities.

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